Absolute Easiest and cheapest way for guaranteed GREAT product photographs / by Keith Hunniford

Macro and product photography is somewhat of an art.. but getting predictably great shots is more a science.

This is my suggest to anyone who wants to cheaply (around $100) take product photographs for ebay or websites that will just work.. every single time. There really isn't much you can do to mess it up once you get the settings dialed in.

IMHOpionionatedO this is significantly better than other multiple flash or desk light methods.  It's just going to give a better result.

I have a BUNCH of studio photography gear, and having found this method it's what I use for all my eBay postings.. there simply isn't any need to work harder.

Get it?   You need:

  • A camera with a popup flash, where you can control the strenght of the flash
  • An external flash that has a SLAVE mode (Starting at $30) but I love the Yongnuo YN-560 series of flashes.  Great price and flexibility.
  • A light tent (like this 30x30 one dirt cheap on Amazon)

Here are some shots out of the camera.