Kick Ass OIder Nikon lenses that put the latest consumer lenses to shame ( and cost less!) / by Keith Hunniford

Another opinion piece!

I've been in and out of photography my whole life as a hobby but I got seriously back into photography in 2015 and yearned for the "good old days" of having a 50mm equivalent lens.  I'd just got married and money was tight, so I got creative.

$15,000 of spend on eBay and craigslist later, I'm still being creative.  With a buy low / sell high attitude I'm barely out of pocket and have about $15,000 worth of equipment.  I've tried just about every vintage Nikon lens out there.. many of the cheapo kit lenses from early DSLRs and Film Cameras, and many many prime lenses.

Along the way, I've found some real gems and some real clunkers.  I've discovered lenses that shouldn't be good - but are, and stripped down lenses to their very last part to bring them back to life.

Here are some real gems.  I'm going to blog about them too - so I'll keep a growing list of links below the video with reviews on lenses including pictures (because what's the use of talking about a lens, saying it's great and then not trying to prove it!)

If you have Nikon D3xxx or D5xxx then sorry - you're out of luck with some of these as I explain in this post

Mentioned Lenses (a growing list:)