The best $75 I've ever spent on my Photography Journey / by Keith Hunniford

We as photographers definitely accumulate stuff as we accumulate skills, but I think most of us agree that the skills and techniques and knowledge are more important that the equipment every time.  

Well.. I have the equipment, that's for damn sure.  I buy and sell Nikon gear to fuel my hobby, and often will buy a big bundle of stuff because I know that when I sell most of it, I end up with the thing I actually want in it for free.   That's how I got started with Studio gear.. some umbrellas, stands and strobes.  

My first few attempts were a bit of a fail, but with some studying, some youtube videos and some practice sessions with wife and kid it got a bit better.  Now it's MUCH better.. with this $75 purchase.

Here's the video.. if you like surprises, just watch the video, THEN scroll down the page for sample pics.

If you like surprises, STOP HERE and watch the video.  If you don't just scroll down for pics.


Presenting one $75 Mannequin from Amazon.  Getting good at lighting just takes practice and in my opinion this is the best way to practice.  The last thing you want as you fumble around working out the basics in your early attempts is a real person standing around for hours on end.. but likewise, the last thing you want to do is shoot something that doesn't resemble a person.

Here are my favorite two from this shoot.

Here are some other favorites taken before this shoot.

Some useful links of things mentioned in the video: