Running PortraitPro on Ubuntu using Wine / by Keith Hunniford

Hey Ubuntu people. Do you ever get app envy of those Mac and Windows people?  As a photographer I've been pleasantly surprised by kick ass products like Darktable,  but seeing interesting tools like Portrait Pro makes me wish there was more LInux support out there.

But, what happens on Ubuntu under Wine?  Well.. it just kinda works. That's the good news.  The REALLY good news is that you can integrate it with Linux "Open With.." dialog in Ubuntu file manager,  which is much nicer than using the Open File dialog inside the software.. because that launches some prehistory version of the Window Explorer open file dialog that has no thumbnails.

Anyhoo.  Here's a demo and the install steps.

Before and after images.  Note that I don't believe in photoshopping every face.. not at all.  The random portrait shot I chose was my daughter - who definitely does not need to be photoshopped - but I like the ability to have a tool like this that can easily emulate very typical advertising styles of portrait enhancements. 

Before Image.  This has been through Darktable for edits.

Zero Tweaks

A few quick tweaks